Great Britain Wins Gold, Croatia + Austria to Olympics


Hannah Mills/Saskia Clark (GBR) win 470 Women Worlds, over France and Netherlands. Croatia and Austria secure places at Olympics. In 470 Men, Gold to Australia, Silver to France and Bronze to Croatia.

Hannah Mills/Saskia Clark (GBR) win the 2012 470 Women Worlds after finishing third in the Medal Race, Camille Lecointre/Mathilde Geron (FRA) take the silver and Lisa Westerhof/Lobke Berkhout (NED) the bronze. The race win went to Ai Kondo/Wakaka Tabata (JPN) – a great way to end this Championship.

In the battle for Olympic qualification Croatia’s Enia Nincevic/Romana Zupan finished the race in 11th ahead of Austria’s Lara Vadlau/Eva-Maria Schimak in 12th, with Russia’s Natalia Ivanova/Diana Kurtskikh just behind in 13th. Pending any protests this finish order would give the final two Olympic nation qualification places to Croatia and Austria. This is provisional, confirmation will be given later.

Image: Hannah Mills/Saskia Clark (GBR) - new 470 World Champions © 470 Class

Image: Sime Fantela congratulates Enia Nincevic/Romana Zupan (CRO) © 470 Class

Image: Sime Fantela congratulates Lara Vadlau/Eva Maria Schimak (AUT) © 470 Class

Top Image: Lara Vadlau/Eva Maria Schimak are congratulated by Lara's parents © 470 Class


19/5/2012 13:31


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